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Who I help: I am a special type of Registered Dietitian who works to help people re-connect with they're health again.  Whether this has been wake-up call to re-dedicate nutritional changes or attempt to gain nutritional clarity:

1.  Food first 

2.  Enrich intakes, habits, and lifestyle  

3.  Be intentional but not stodgy


My name is Denise Coventry, I’m a fifth generation Arizonan. My formative years began on a multi-generational family citrus ranch, where my social justice skills in practicing fairness emerged. As the first child in a family of four, I protected all small ranch animals through spirited tantrums, saving the hens from processing day and released all meat rabbits from the rabbitry prior to their untimely fate.
Although not a vegetarian, my appreciation for food’s impact developed into an education in Nutrition, when I learned Vitamin C was studied at ASU. The same Vitamin C found in our citrus! As fate would have it, in the pursuit of understanding Vitamin C, I met my muse of 28 years in that chemistry class resulting in our marriage. Two spectacular children later, a driven career climb, an odd and sudden realization that life had taken a hamster wheel affect that needed change. The painful realization would require an entire lifestyle (downsize), face the reality that anxiety, sleeplessness, GI trouble that interfered with nutrient absorption was real.
Today, as a Registered Dietitian, I am sensitive to the needs of women perfectionists in their forties, and help them nutritionally transition from near-burnout. Together we work through issues like GI distress from anxiety, and end the emotionally defeating cycle of skipping day-meals and night-overeating.
Our program addresses the whole self, including food philosophy, habits, nurture intuitive cue’s, and regarding our bodies positively. We also find the physical movement that brings joy to reconnect to the many facets of fulfillment and comfort in one’s own skin. 


Whether you prefer hands on applications or research everything you can first, feel free to connect with me on social media, weekly podcast/radio show:" Your Daily Dose of Nutrition" Saturdays at 4:00pm KFNX 1100AM , a few videos YouTube, articles from the blog (last page below!), or recipes on Pinterest, I want to be your trusted resource!

Mission statement – 

"Provide individualized attention as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist that fosters and nurtures a healthy lifestyle.  Cultivate service and involve our surrounding community.  Develop  an ongoing committed enrichment that endures far past my lifetime. "


What We Do


Address Weight Concerns, blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure control

Diet and exercise have remarkably saturated our culture as an achievement of social currency.  The topic is deceptively complex.  Successful, mindful and intuitive weight approaches require an understanding of genetic predisposition, metabolic needs, maintenance of nutrient stores and volumes of attention to our inherent needs. When facing newly diagnosed medical conditions, uneasiness with medication schedules,  changing appetite or eating challenges, fear of weight change, acceptance, energy depletion, can be assisted with a Registered Dietitian to enhance freedom from food rules, call a truce with food rebellion, and cope without the sue of food.  Approaching an individualized process, means learning from you about an assessment, providing an intervention with your input and monitoring and evaluating results to ensure opportunities are consistently meeting your changing needs.



Our team is specialized in helping people overcome complex lifestyles contributing in certain ways to conditions.  Our goal is to help you change the way you perceive food and physical activity, while maintaining a positive body image. If you struggle with a new diagnosis that affects your eating, you should  know that we believe clients can make adjustments and live a healthy, happy life. 



Whether you would like assistance with a elevated blood sugar, Diabetes education, cholesterol, or blood pressure, introducing new eating habits and foods will be easier when you have the right team players.  Food will drastically alter how effective and quickly the outcome will work. Our goal is to set you up for success and shift how food is working for you.

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Denise Coventry, MS RD

By Appointment through Bloom Wellness Clinics LLC: 9755 N. 90th St. Ste. B295 Scottsdale, AZ 85258, US

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